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Michael Solovyev

Born in Russia in 1972, Michael has chosen Montréal as his home since 2011. From there, his works continue to add to the beauty and value of both public and private collections around the world. He is a participant of 16 personal exhibitions, and more than 70 group exhibitions in different countries, earning multiple awards. He created and taught five art courses in Syn Studio, a prestigious art school in Montreal. He also conducts private lessons in his own studio and many watercolor workshops all around the world.

In recent years, he represented Canada at many famous watercolor festivals overseas, including Hong Kong, Slovenia, India, Italy, France, Peru, Costa Rica, Mexico, Hungary, and Portugal.

In 2019, Michael launched a whole series of art materials, including unique handmade brushes, brush holders, a bamboo palette... He uses all his art supplies himself, in his everyday work! 

And now he has an opportunity to introduce you to his lifetime companion - compact travel SOLO EASEL.

Daniel Smith Ambassador
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